Super hATM

Super hATMs cater to large-scale transactions for big businesses on Boom. They require a currency trading license.

Super hATMs handle high-volume transactions, leading to higher earnings.

Requirements to become a Boom Super hATM are:

  • Business registration certificate and license.

  • Proof of business address.

hATM can manage their availability within the app at any moment.

Boom has measures to identify and penalize fraudulent activity. Users can also report suspicious hATMs.

Escrow Mechanism

The escrow mechanism acts as a trusted third party during transactions. It holds the funds securely until both parties (hATM and user) confirm the transaction's completion.

When a transaction starts, Boom holds the user's funds in escrow until they complete the cash exchange with the hATM.

What happens if a user disputes a transaction?

Boom's escrow system and dispute resolution process will be engaged to determine the outcome.

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