Boom Marketplace

The Boom Marketplace is a social e-commerce platform that enables merchants, be they individuals or professionals, to offer their goods and services for sale to verified consumers worldwide.

It is the first trusted platform where you can buy, sell and pay for everyday goods and services online without a bank account. Participate in the process of plugging 2 billion unbanked people into the global economy.

On Boom Marketplace absolutely anything can be bought and sold as long as the items are legitimate and authentic.

For merchants, you should sell on Boom because:

  • You get paid instantly rather than waiting for days.

  • There are no listing fees on Boom.

  • There are no subscription fees on Boom.


The global medium-of-exchange for goods and services on Boom is the Boomcoin (“BMC”) token. So, merchants list their goods and services in their local currencies and consumers purchase goods and services also in their local currencies. And whenever a selling currency is different from a purchasing currency, Boom initiates the swap via BMC.

Therefore merchants list their products in their local currencies and get paid in their local currencies. The Boomcoin token simply transmits value between merchants and consumers after which it is converted to local currencies. This ensure that merchants are immune to token price volatility always.

After-sales service

If your order never arrived call or contact the seller via Boom Talks. Same process if you want to arrange the return, the seller will credit your Boom Wallet with your refund.

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